Experienced REACT NATIVE mobile app developer wanted. Minimum 2 years of dedicated REACT NATIVE experience required.

Our company, Sootchy Inc. is a dynamic AI-driven fintech startup focused on changing the World by helping people achieve their financial goals. We are currently working to eradicate the $1.5 trillion in student debt held today by 46 million Americans as well as helping all 74 million Americans currently under the age of 19 afford a college education without the huge burden of student loans.

You must be extremely highly motivated with a deep passion for helping people. We want to change the World and we want people who can help us do that. You are a self-starter and take work very seriously, but love games and will kick back to hang out with and play with your co-workers. Quality is key and we embrace competitition in this evolving industry. We "move very fast" and we "break many things" but we do it always with love and compassion. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment and we absolutely love when you take the initiative.

As our React-Native Developer, you will play a critical role in helping us build the forward-facing interactions for our users. To this end you will work with designers to deliver the best possible end-user experiences across a variety of platforms: android and ios, platform extensions, third-party integrations, API and more.

You are:

  • Experienced: Minimum 2+ years of hands-on React-Native experience, including iOS app release experience.
  • A coding champion: you are proficient with Node.js.
  • Passionate about quality: you understand the value of test automation and your responsibilities as an engineer.
  • A React Native expert: you handle React, React.Native, Apollo/GraphQL like a boss, having hands-on experience in all.
  • Custom React-Native Animations.
  • Ambitious: you are eager to learn new technologies, ElasticSearch, Docker, AWS, Computer Vision, Machine Learning etc. These might not be technologies you’ve used, but you are keen to learn and grow.
  • Adaptable: you are capable of adjusting to new challenges, and experimentation is in your blood.
  • Education: BS degree (or equivalent professional experience) in Computer Science preferred but not required.

You will love:

  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Health, Dental, Vision coverage
  • 401(k)
  • Refrigerator full of food and drinks.
  • Experience the growth of a company from up close and be an instrumental part in molding who we are
  • Leave your mark on an industry that is still in its infancy
  • Opportunity to broaden your skill set beyond frontend